Unterstützte Projekte 2017

Proof of Concept-Projekte der 4. Ausschreibung

Den folgenden sieben Personen wurden Förderungsbeiträge zugesprochen:

  • Timothé Laforest, EPFL, Ex-vivo functional imaging of the neuro-retina
  • Kevin Mamalis, HEIG-VD, Novel additive manufacturing method to produce silicone parts
  • Clara Moldovan, EPFL, Carbon Nanotube Array Supercapacitors for High-Power High-Density Energy Storage
  • Paola Occhetta, UniBS, uKnee: a 3D miniaturized in vitro platform to screen candidate anti-osteoarthritis drugs
  • Wuwei Ren, ETHZ, KaleiBox: a portable device for multifunctional fluorescence tomography
  • Tiziano Serra, AO Foundation, 3D Sound Induced Morphogenesis (3D-SIM)
  • Saurabh Tembhurne, EPFL, SoHHytec - Onsite Fuel & Power Generation and Storage System using A Concentrated Integrated Photo-Electrochemical Device

Proof of Concept-Projekte der 3. Ausschreibung

Den folgenden sechs Personen wurden Förderungsbeiträge zugesprochen:

  • Endri Bezati, SIB, Fast Pathogen detection through embedded genomics in resource limited conditions
  • Olga Dubey, Agroscope, Innovative natural fungicide to control Botrytis grey mold on fruits: new epidemiological insights.
  • Josua Jordi, UniZH, A novel therapeutic approach to treat pandemic obesity and its comorbidities: A translational project from basic neuroscience research to a pharmaceutical product
  • Kirsten Remmen, FHNW, Layer-by-layer modification of membranes for resource recovery
  • Linda Schellhammer, UniZH, Improved biologicals for local brain cancer therapy
  • Daniel Schmitter, EPFL, Augmented Digital Shape Modeling

Proof of Concept-Projekte der 2. Ausschreibung

Den folgenden acht Personen wurden Förderungsbeiträge zugesprochen:

  • Michael Afanasiev, ETHZ, Salvus for next-generation full-waveform ultrasonic imaging solution
  • Pascal Egloff, UniZH, Biodistribution analysis of 1’000 antibody drug candidates in one single mouse
  • Ellen Fallowfield, FHNW, The Multiphonic Possibilities of Cello Strings: from Theoretical Investigation to Musical Practice
  • Kutan Gürel, UniNE, Affordable optical frequency combs for metrology, spectroscopy, and sensing
  • Gaël Peng, EPFL, Salt Separation in Supercritical Water for Sewage Sludge Valorization
  • Andrew Seeber, FMI, Improving CRISPR-Cas9 efficiency using small molecules to modulate chromatin structure
  • Dominic Staiger, UniZH, Data-Protection-as-a-Service Platform
  • Tino Töpper, UniBS, Enhancing the capabilities of artificial muscle implants using low-voltage dielectric elastomer sensors

Erste Proof of Concept-Projekte bereit für den Start

Diese 11 jungen Forschenden erhalten je bis zu 130‘000 Franken an Förderungsbeiträgen, um ihre Projektideen umzusetzen:

  • Victor Brasch, CSEM, Low-cost in-line telecom channel generator and frequency comb source
  • Florian Emaury, ETHZ, Ultrafast semiconductor disk lasers: enablers for widespread bio-medical imaging
  • Catalina Jossen Cardozo, HSLU, By Maria! Building a sustainable designer-shoemaker-customer-network
  • Azadeh Khoushabi, EPFL, Optimization and testing of in situ photopolymerized endodontic sealer material
  • Claudio Marforio, ETHZ, Sound-Proof - Proof of Concept Integration
  • Juan Mario Michan, EPFL, NanoScrub: Exhaust Gas Purification and After-treatment System
  • Jonas Pollard, UniFR, Malaria diagnostic via polymerization reactions
  • Thomas Templier, ETHZ, Automated Magnetic Collection of Ultrathin Sections for High-Throughput Microscopy
  • Mariia Timofeeva, ETHZ, High Resolution Nonscanning Multiphoton Polarimetric Microscope (PolarNon)
  • Franziska Ullrich, ETHZ, Assistive Robotic System for Automated Intravitreal Injections
  • Elif Vardar, UniL, Development of an injectable bioactive bulking formulation for long-term treatment of stress urinary incontinence