First Proof of Concept projects set to go

The following 8 research groups are funded:

  • Despeisse Matthieu (CSEM), Ballif Christophe (EPF Lausanne), Tiwari Ayodhya Nath (EMPA): High-performance tandem solar cells with improved stability and cost-competitive manufacturing
  • Emmenegger Lukas (EMPA), Südmeyer Thomas (University Neuenburg), Faist Jérôme (ETH Zurich): High-resolution QCL frequency comb spectrometer for the detection of trace gases and their isotopes
  • Fontcuberta i Morral Anna (EPF Lausanne): Ultra-bright electron sources for pulsed electron microscopy
  • Gubler Lorenz (PSI): Functionalized Separators Enabling a Break-Through of Redox Flow Batteries for Stationary Energy Storage
  • Kippenberg Tobias Jan (EPF Lausanne), Herr Tobias (CSEM): Energy efficient optical frequency combs based on photonic integrated resonators and temporally structured pump light
  • Plückthun Andreas (University Zurich): The Modular Designer Detectome
  • Weber Stefan (University Bern), Raabe Andreas (Insel hospital Bern), Chételat Olivier (CSEM): Towards Intelligent Sensor-enhanced Robotic Neurosurgery
  • Zbinden Hugo (University Geneva), Brunner Nicolas (University Geneva), Messerli Etienne (HES-SO): Self-testing Quantum Random Number Generator

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