Unterstützte Projekte 2018

Discovery Projekte der zweiten Ausschreibung bereit für den Start

Diese 12 Forschungsgruppen erhalten Förderungsbeiträge, um ihre Innovationsprojekte umzusetzen:

  • Buller Rebecca (ZHAW), Perreten Vincent (Uni Bern), Bruggmann Rémy (Uni Bern): Microbial Epimerases: A Toolbox for the Synthesis of Novel Peptide-Based Drugs
  • Delbruck Tobias (Uni Zürich), Rüedi Pierre-François (CSEM): VIPS: ultra-low power VIsual Perception System
  • Keller Ursula (ETHZ): Dual-comb spectroscopy based on dual-comb-modelocked diode-pumped solid-state lasers
  • Lipps Georg (FHNW), Imanidis Georgios (FHNW): Efficient Colonic Drug Delivery
  • Nelson Bradley (ETHZ), Floreano Dario (EPFL), Pascal Joris (FHNW): A Submillimeter Minimally Invasive System for Cardiac Arrhythmia Ablations
  • Perriard Yves (EPFL), Pataky Zoltan (HUG): Intelligent Footwear for Prevention of Lower Extremity Amputations in Diabetic Patients
  • Pietsch Constanze (ZHAW), Smits Theo H.M. (ZHAW): Fish Welfare Assessment (FiWeA) - Development of Innovative Tools for the Field
  • Pruessmann Klaas (Uni Zürich), Burger Thomas Stephan (ETHZ), Klaas Enno (Uni Zürich): Wireless Sensing and Real-Time Correction of Head Motion in MRI
  • Sanchez Jean-Charles (Uni Genf), Passeraub Philippe (HES-SO), Pfeifer Marc Emil (HES-SO): “TBI-Dx”: Traumatic Brain Injury Point-of-Care Multiplex in vitro Diagnostic Device
  • Slack Emma (ETHZ), Aebi Markus (ETHZ), Bachmann Martin (Uni Bern): Self-assembling glycoprotein nanoparticle vaccines
  • Windhab Erich J. (ETHZ), Denkel Christoph (BFH), Selbmann Karl-Heinz (BFH): Industrially relevant Synchronous Multiscale 3D-Printing Process (SYMUSPD3) for the fast manufacture of tailored texturized and sensory/nutritionfunctionalized food systems
  • Wolf Ursula (Uni Bern), Piai Guido (EMPA), Boesel Luciano Fernandes (NTB): Wearable textile sensor to protect against pressure ulcers – ProTex