FAQ - Proof of Concept

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  • I finished my Bachelor/Master/PhD more than 4 years ago. Can I still apply for BRIDGE Proof of Concept funding?

    BRIDGE would like to support young researchers to apply their recent research results. Therefore, the limitation to applicants max. 4 years after their respective graduation is strict.

  • I did my Bachelor/Master/PhD at a non-Swiss institution. Can I still apply for a BRIDGE Proof of Concept project?

    Yes, if you find a Swiss host institution that supports you for the duration of the project. Please carefully read Article 3 in the call document.

  • I am already in contact with an implementation partner. Can it directly benefit from BRIDGE Proof of Concept funding?

    Companies or any other institution having commercial purposes cannot directly receive funding by BRIDGE. An implementation partner can however be considered as a collaboration partner.

  • We invented a new technology as a team and have been working on the concept together until now. Is it possible to apply to a BRIDGE Proof of Concept as several co-applicants?

    The BRIDGE Proof of Concept is a one-person grant. Therefore, it is not possible to apply as several co-applicants. However, if compatible with the project, further persons can participate in the project as co-workers and profit from the funding granted to the applicant.

  • Can I follow a parallel project or e.g. teach at my host institution during my BRIDGE Proof of Concept project?

    We expect you to dedicate 100% of your time to your BRIDGE Proof of Concept project and entirely focus on the set goals.

  • How do I consider the overhead paid to my host institution in the budget I have to provide when submitting the proposal via mySNF?

    The overhead is directly paid to the institution if your project is funded. You don’t have to consider it in the budget you provide on mySNF. The maximum amount of eligible costs must not exceed CHF 130,000 for 12 months, including social benefits (see Article 12 in the call document).

  • I will not be able to come to Bern for the interview. Is it possible to participate via videoconference?

    No, the panel would like to see the applicants in person. Please contact the Bridge Office if you are invited to an interview but are not able to attend.

  • When do you communicate the decision if my Proof of Concept project is funded or not?

    In general, the evaluation process takes 3 months. If not stated differently, all decisions are communicated in the week before the earliest possible starting date (see call document, Article 14).

  • Where do I find the projects that have been funded?

    Funded BRIDGE Proof of Concept projects of the different calls are published on http://www.bridge.ch under the Proof of Concept menu. You may also find projects on the SNSF database P3 (http://p3.snf.ch/).

FAQ - Discovery

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  • How important is the Implementation strategy in the evaluation of the proposals?

    As BRIDGE Discovery projects should be directed towards innovation, it is important to provide a clear strategy how you plan to implement your scientific achievements on the market. We do not expect a full business plan, but key points of a business case (e.g. unique selling proposition (USP), existing market, market access, competitive environment, IP situation, regulatory situation, scalability, etc.) should be addressed.

  • Will there be a second Discovery call in 2018?

    No, there will be only one call per year. Therefore, the next Discovery call will take place in the beginning of 2019. The date will be announced on the Bridge website.

FAQ - General

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  • Do you treat the submitted proposals confidentially?

    Yes, all persons involved in the evaluation of the proposals are bound to confidentiality.

Proof of Concept

Délais de soumission des projets Proof of Concept

  • 10délai de soumission: 11 mars 2019
  • 11e délai de soumission: 3 juin 2019
  • 12e délai de soumission: 9 séptembre 2019
  • 13e délai de soumission: 9 décembre 2019
  • toujours 17:00 h, heure locale suisse

Présentations 2019

  • 9e mise au concours: 8 février 2019
  • 10e mise au concours: 10 mai 2019
  • 11e mise au concours: 23 août 2019
  • 12e mise au concours: 15 novembre 2019


Troisième appel: délais de soumission

  • Letter of intent: 18 février 2019
  • Proposition de projet: avril 2019

Dates importantes

  • Présentations de la troisième mise au concours: 18/19 novembre 2019