Choose the right BRIDGE funding offer

Proof of Concept

I am a young researcher and have an idea for developing my results into a social or commercial innovation. I am looking for the opportunity to test and refine my idea.

  • My Swiss research institution will support me for the duration of the project;
  • I have gained research experience during my bachelor’s or master’s degree (either one of them obtained within the last four years); or
  • I have completed my PhD within the last four years or will do so in the next six months;
  • I am submitting my application as an individual.

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I am an experienced researcher and am looking for the opportunity to develop an innovative idea by exploring and implementing the innovative potential of my research results.

  • My innovation has a societal and economic impact;
  • I am conducting research in a Swiss research institute;
  • I have the skills required to lead a research project;
  • I am submitting my application as a single applicant or as part of a small consortium (maximum of three applicants).

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