Access to the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites and usage thereof shall be conditional to compliance with the terms stated below. For the bridge.mySNF.ch website, the Terms of Use shall also apply. Details can be found at bridge.mySNF.ch.

Content of the online pages

The SNSF takes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites function properly and that the information published is accurate, up-to-date and complete, however, it cannot guarantee this. As far as legally permitted, SNSF shall provide no guarantees and accepts no liability in connection with the use of the websites bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch. The SNSF accepts no liability for errors, omissions, mistakes or deficiencies of any kind within the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites.

Liability claims against the SNSF which relate to material or abstract damage resulting from the use or non-use of the information provided or from the use of erroneous or incomplete information, from the misuse of the online connection or from technical faults of any kind are strictly excluded, provided that no demonstrable criminal intent or gross negligence can be ascribed to the SNSF.

Furthermore, the SNSF is not liable for any damage or corruption caused by viruses on computers or other terminal equipment in connection with visiting, using or downloading data of any kind from the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites. The users are personally responsible for protecting their equipment properly from viruses and other risks on the Internet.

The SNSF reserves the express right, without special announcement, to change, supplement or delete parts of the site or the entire service or to discontinue publication temporarily or permanently.


The contents of the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites are protected in their entirety by copyright. Downloading, printing or saving data from bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch (or parts thereof) is permitted, provided that reference is made to the source. All rights to downloaded, printed or stored data from the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites remain the property of the SNSF or of the copyright owner. The commercial use of the websites or elements thereof is not permitted.

The SNSF publishes comprehensive data and statistics on its funding activities in accordance with stringent data quality and security principles. The SNSF is not responsible for any processing and publication of such data by third parties. Third parties must clearly designate their own data compilations if the latter are not authorised by the SNSF.

All trademarks and logos which appear anywhere on the website and which are protected, where applicable, by third parties are subject to the provisions of copyright in question and the ownership right on the part of the registered copyright holder. The fact that a trademark is merely mentioned does not mean third parties do not hold any copyrights.

The copyrights to the linked websites are not infringed by following a link on the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch pages.

References and links

The SNSF accepts no liability and is not responsible for the availability or content of external websites that are accessed via links. The SNSF does not exercise any influence over the current and future design, content or copyright of the linked pages. The provider of the linked site is solely liable for illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents and particularly for damages that result from the use or non-use of such information. Following a link is at the user’s own risk.

Data protection

It is possible to input personal or commercial data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses etc.). Disclosure of this data on the part of the user is on an expressly voluntary basis.

Data and information entered by users will be treated confidentially by the SNSF and only forwarded to third parties if permission has been given by the users in bridge.mySNF. The registered users thereby declare that they agree to receive information from the SNSF according to their stated profile. Processing of personal data will always comply with the applicable data protection laws.

To identify trends and improve the quality of our online services, a few non-personal items of usage data, such as your IP address, the website you last visited, which browser you are using, date and time, etc., are recorded (“Google Analytics”). The data is anonymised.

Every time a visit is made to the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites, anonymous data about the users is stored. This includes, for example, the users’ computer IP address and browser information. However, users cannot be identified personally on the basis of this information. The sole purpose of such information is to make the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites as user-friendly as possible.

When visiting the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites, information is also stored on the users’ computers. This information is in the form of a “cookie” and helps the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites to adapt to the individual requirements of the users. Should users wish to prevent this, the browser can be set to refuse to accept cookies or issue a warning.

Legal effect of this exclusion of liability

Should parts or individual formulations in this text no longer be, or not be entirely, compliant with current statutory provisions, the remainder of the document retains its validity.

The SNSF reserves the express right to amend the provisions herein at any time. The version published on the Internet is the valid version. The users of bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch are responsible for informing themselves at regular intervals about amendments that have been made in the interim.

Applicable law and venue of jurisdiction

For all disputes ensuing as a result of the use of the bridge.ch and bridge.mySNF.ch websites, Swiss law shall apply exclusively. The place of jurisdiction is Berne.